Commercial Installation

No matter how you choose to heat and cool your commercial or industrial property, UNIAIRE has you covered.  Our commercial and industrial HVAC installation technicians will ensure that your equipment is the right fit for your building and that it is appropriately sized. An undersized system will fail to heat and cool your property effectively, while and oversized system will short cycle frequently and result in unnecessary wear and tear or system damages.  When the time comes to schedule any commercial or industrial HVAC replacement services, UNIAIRE is the company to call. We’ll help you determine which replacement system is best suited for your building and unique circumstances, and we’ll make sure that the installation is completed properly.

Commercial HVAC Maintenence

Routine maintenance is an important part of saving energy and reducing your utility bills.  During an annual inspection, one of our Phoenix commercial HVAC technicians will check for common problems, such as faulty wiring connections, bad contacts, clogged condensate drains and other issues that need relatively minor repairs; however, if these issues are not remedied, they could turn into a much larger problem in the future.

In addition to a thorough inspection, the technician will make sure the system is cleaned and lubricated, and then tested to make sure every part works as intended.  This will greatly reduce the wear and tear on the system over time.  Call today to learn more about how regular check–ups for your entire commercial HVAC system can lower your operation costs and ensure that you have heating and air conditioning all year long.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Check–Up

During an annual inspection, our commercial HVAC technicians will complete the following:

  • Check connections, contacts, and volts–amps on compressor and fans.

  • Filters and belts are changed.

  • The flue, bonnet and all heat exchangers are cleaned of soot and dirt.

  • The condensate pan as well as the drain line and the pump are cleaned.

  • Blower fans, motors, shafts and bearings are all lubricated.

  • Temperature differential is checked for both the condenser and evaporator.

  • A full visual inspection for leaks or exterior damage.

  • Safeties are checked to make sure they work.

  • Charge is checked on refrigerant.

  • Suction pressure test.

  • System is put through multiple tests to ensure it turns on appropriately.

If our technicians notice something that needs to be repaired, we will discuss options before any actions are taken.  Call the UNIAIRE HVAC professionals for all your heating and cooling maintenance needs.

Commercial HVAC Emergency Repair

We understand that as a business owner, you need reliable and prompt repairs when your HVAC system shuts down.  That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repairs for commercial HVAC systems throughout the Northern Virginia area.  While a system failure could be caused by a minor issue, it’s best to call a professional as soon as you can to help prevent further damage to any of the components.